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Guild Message of the Day - March 21st
Get your butt over to the new website. :)

Custos Ponderum News

By: Xandorius - March 21st

WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!!!


With the addition of Rift and the plan to add more games in the

future, Guildzilla has become a bit outdated for us. We are moving

to a new website. 

(Once we have fully tansfered from Guildzilla then I will move the domain of over to there.) The forums for both games are up as well as in

a better format.


When you go there, this is what you do.

  • Click on Register at the top right side of the screen.
  • Choose a username that you wish to use.
  • When you finish you need to go to your email address that you entered and validate your email.
  • When you have done that you should then insert your character info for the game you are playing (WoW or Rift) 
  • After that you are good to go. You will have access to the site and can post away.





If you do not like the game, simply say nothing.


We have about a month left of premium service on this site. After that we will not renew

the premium membership. I will keep this site active for archive purposes. but that is about it. I will begin disabling

the widgets in about 30 days, to emphasize the "more or less" closure of this site from regular use.

  • Piperjane: when i click on this link it takes me no where :( I don't know why i can't get it to work for me again
  • Vonorg: Same here. I get an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
  • Vonorg: Your link is bad, it takes you to not to .net
  • Vonorg: If I manually delete "" and type in ".net" it works
By: Aqusinna - March 13th

Conclave of Wind Down!

So, this week is what I would call being on a roll! We now have a character saving raid locks for all the end bosses, will kill em soon!

By: Aqusinna - March 13th

Chimaeron Down!

Sat (March 12th)

By: Aqusinna - March 13th

Atramedes Down

This was Fri Night (March 11th)

By: Aqusinna - March 4th

Making your Officers Happy!

Maie is going to be so jealous

  • Aqusinna: Come on now I thought it was do you think I became a Judicator?
  • Xandorius: /facepalm
  • Tachiikazi: Aside from giving my DK a lapdance in the South Bank as well... You just slutted your way into the ranks :P
By: Aqusinna - February 27th

Twilight Ascendant Council Downed!

Despite many hours of painful 1% wipes we kept our spirits high and prevailed.

  • Durchel: There's my happy face! It was good luck!
  • Alyzre: Grats to all of you!
By: Xandorius - February 25th

Lottery Rules Updated

The Lottery Archive Post has been updated to accommodate for the new lottery rules posted by Maie under the Guild Events section. Please take a look at these.

By: Aqusinna - February 22nd

New Kingslayers in the House!

Sunday night was a great run thru ICC, we Killed 11/12 HM and got quite a few bits of cheese in the process. Going for HM LK next. Grats to all the new Kingslayers!

  • Alyzre: Thanks for posting it AQ.... I couldnt figure out how, lol. Anyways.... Grats to all!!
  • Viiz: Wow, my pet is the same color as the sad you can't see him
  • Aqusinna: hey thats ghostcrawler!
By: Xandorius - February 21st


Thats right! We are at a total pot of 5,700g AND CLIMBING!!!!

  • Xandorius: wow no comments yet? suprised ...
  • Alyzre: I was going to but, nahh....
  • Aqusinna: Whats a bieber?
  • Linbrinth: What's a "bieber", Aq? I don't know. Looks kinda like a girl.
By: Aqusinna - February 15th

Maloriak Downed!

Little late on the post, killed him Feb 12th

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